The Train Game is a fast-paced, ‘take that’ style of card game based on the Sydney and Melbourne train networks.


The goal is to collect a full hand of train stations from the same line and the correct train card to go with them.


Along the journey, expect to run into ticket inspectors and undercover ticket inspectors, forcing you to produce a ticket or pay the fine. Players may even be forced to change train lines before it’s too late.


The Train Game only has a handful of rules but is trainloads of fun for the whole family, combining elements of strategy, speed, observance, deduction and a bit of luck.


The Train Game includes the following:

  • 154 playing cards (plus quick reference cards)
  • 1 set of rules
  • 1 iron tin (packaging)
  • Fun for the whole family :)


Number of players: 2 - 7

Ages: 7+

The Train Game