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All aboard the Construct It Mega Set based on Legend of Steam 3801!


Have fun and also learn a thing or two while you use real tools and metal pieces to make this historic locomotive.


Produced under license with Transport Heritage NSW, this set is one of the Mega Sets from Construct It! This means that kids get the same educational fun where they learn the basics of engineering and are tasked with thinking outside of the box. However, it means that they get to do it at a much larger scale, a scale of over 600 pieces!


The Construct It range offers more than just simply snapping blocks together. Each set requires you to use real tools and screw into place each part.


While the prospect may seem daunting, the Construct It Mega Set comes with a set of instructions that will break down every step of the process. This makes it easy to understand, but it also teaches  some great skills along the way. Each Construct It set is based around the principles of STEM learning. Once you have built locomotive 3801 you can use all of those pieces and newly developed skills to come up with your own creations!


Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Construct it: 3801