Where There’s Smoke Part 1 captures the very best of the collections of some of the most travelled railway photographers of our times. Part 1 takes us from the UK to Capetown, featuring spectacular shots in France, Spain and many other mainstream Western countries, veering into less accessible parts of the Eastern Bloc where few enthusiasts trod, and then on to the Middle East including Syria and Jordan, plus of course Central and then Southern Africa, where steam lasted in numbers until the early 1990s. Flat rate shipping $10 per order.

  • 100% full colour
  • Stunningly reproduced images including 14 European, 4 Middle Eastern and 8 African countries
  • Contributors include John Whitely, Robert Kingsford-Smith, John Gaydon, Charlie Lewis, Mike Tyack & others
  • Many original photos, never before published
  • A book you will be proud to put on your coffee table or show off to your friends.

Where there's smoke - Part 1